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The Revival
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Envisioning what God Could Do

A Message from Pastor Jesse

There is a story in the making here - the kind your grandkids will tire of hearing. If it is God's will, walking them from the Kids' wing to the worship service for the first time, you will tell them about how you were a part of the first generation of The Redemption Church that made the whole project possible. We are literally claiming ground for the gospel and that is a story worth telling. That is a beautiful legacy. I have heard stories of the founding generations of each of the churches I have served across the U.S. and now we are writing those stories together. Let ours be a legacy of a vision for revival in this lost area. Let it be a legacy of tenacity, faithfulness, and audacious generosity.

This is my favorite church-planting story I have heard so far and I am honored that you would be a part of it with me.


- Pastor Jesse

What is The Revival Pro ect?

Revival Project Logo

"The Revival Project" is name we have given to our building campaign because our vision is for revival. Whether the building providing the physical home to our spiritual family is new construction, repurposed commercial space, or a revitalized church property; that building will be a necessary step in the direction of our vision for revival. So, the building itself is not the vision. Revival is. Hence, we are giving sacrificially to a building campaign named "The Revival Project!"

Revival Project Basics
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