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W i l d F l o w e r   W o m e n

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You're Beautiful & Wild.

We are the Wildflower Women. Come try diverse foods, learn to create art & music with us, or take a jet ski to its limits and then let us share what we've found. We are Christian women who care for the poor and helpless, whose imperfections and pains are woven into our stories, and whose sometimes insane families have actually found hope. Let us share it with you. Come and see the beauty we've found, then help us find more WildFlower Women.

The 6 Annual WildFlower Women's Events:

Our Year-Round Ministries:

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The Redemption Church

We gather as a church to worship God together and to be equipped from the proclamation of the Bible by our Pastor to apply our lives to the text book-by-book.

Buds & Roses: Discipleship

We are disciples who make disciple-makers. Older women mentor younger women book-by-book through the Bible with our church-wide devotion plan.

*Check the "I Need a Mentor" Box

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WildFlower Women Logo.png
WildFlower Women Logo.png
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